Love is like that. It’s all like that-
returning as much as I received from you. Just like back then, pain is only temporary because I used to be really happy.



Shine on me.


"Yo anyone know of any good pick up spots in Brooklyn? […] Ummm soccer pick up haha”


Tobin’s backflick in HD


Jill Ellis’ Lineup for today’s game

  • Wambach, who has strong leadership will be the keeper
  • Solo and Krieger up top because they’re fast
  • Rampone is 39! Can you believe it? That means I can play her anywhere
  • Alex Morgan is at defense but she’s fast so I’m predicting a hat trick from her
  • Also we must never forget Allie Long, the best soccer player of all time

interviewer: what words come to your mind when asked to describe yourself?
wendy: brightness. positivity. varied facial expressions. there are a lot of things, but if I chose just one keyword, it would be brightness.

a cute + pretty embarrassed moonbyul not knowing what to do w/ herself after rapping in the middle of love lane


Army men yoga



Who’s Alex?

Billboard demonstrating gender stereotypes as most people automatically assume that Alex is the boy.

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